[thelist] Form error - need help from the pros

Ken Schaefer Ken at adOpenStatic.com
Wed Oct 19 01:28:08 CDT 2005

a) What technology/technologies are you using?

b) What is the error message you are seeing? Saying that "it goes crazy"
doesn't help at all.

c) What is the code you are using? Evidently there is something wrong with
it, but if you don't tell us, it's impossible to debug.

>From a previous post, it appears you are using ASP. If so, do you have "On
Error Resume Next" anywhere in your code? If so, remove it, reload the page,
and post the error message you now see.


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> Ok...I have a form login which won't work at all if I add the email
> field..
> It works fine without it but the minute I add the email field it goes
> crazy and won't go through..I have tried everything I can possibly think
> of and I am assuming it is something silly since the code works fine
> without those few lines of code I added to have the login with email
> validation as well...
> What could be causing the code not to go through? I tried getting the
> error to show but that didn't work either...and the code is being sent
> to validation since the cookie is being written...
> Could somebody give me a hand with this one off list.
> Truly truly appreciate any tutoring on this one,

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