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Wed Oct 19 08:10:55 CDT 2005

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> Im trying to work out how to push the scroll bar to the 
> bottom of a long 
> bit of text, say more than 1 page long. equivalent of 
> pressing the ctrl 
> + end buttons
> is it scriptable? tried vertical align: bottom but no joy

I've done something like this before:

      function log(str)
        var console = document.getElementById("console");
          console.value += str + '\n';
          console.scrollTop = console.scrollHeight - console.clientHeight;

      setInterval("log(Math.random());", 500);
    <textarea id="console" rows="10"></textarea>

Not all browsers have the scrollTop, scrollHeight & clientHeight properties,
depends on your requirements.  Works in IE & Firefox.  This example is
controlling the scrollbar on a textarea, but it should work for any
scrollable element.


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