[thelist] Converting Powerpoint to web Page

Kasimir K evolt at kasimir-k.fi
Wed Oct 19 14:00:44 CDT 2005

j s scribeva in 2005-10-19 16:03:
> I have a big powerpoint file that I need to convert to html
> They have animation, sound and fade in/out text.

As others have pointed out, other formats than html might fit your bill 
better. Html is not the right language to describe animation, sound, and 
fading text in and out...

My recommendation would be to decide how important the fades and 
animations are. If they are crucial, then html-route would be a 
nightmare for. If otoh the text content is the thing, then forget the 
animations, and make a pdf or html with OOo.

Or you could try flash - I have no idea how well those conversion work, 
but worth checking out


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