[thelist] Upload multiple images / Download a single file

M. Seyon evoltlist at delime.com
Thu Oct 20 08:35:12 CDT 2005

Message from Juan Manuel Lucero (10/20/2005 10:12 AM)

>// Explaining deeper //
>He develops digital pictures, so in his website he receives pictures
>from clients.
>My client only need to know who uploaded, what was uploaded, and get all
>the info together in a single file /* or */ the easiest (and cheaper)
>Any ideas?

I'll preface my suggestion by saying that cheapest and easiest rarely go 
together. Usually the easier it ends up being for the end user the more 
work has gone into it in development.

One of the companies I order photo prints from uses a system called 
LabPrints[0]. It involves downloading an application to manage your print 
orders. Other companies such as shutterfly and ofoto offer similar 
downloadable apps too I think.

I don't know if licensing a system such as this is beyond your client's 
budget, but at worst case you could experiment with the software to see 
what the workflow process is like.

One note though, the company I order from also offers an FTP method for 
uploading orders. That's what I use so I have no experience with the 
LabPrints system.


0 - http://labprints.com/website/photographers/index.html

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