[thelist] Converting Powerpoint to Flash

Zeljko Dakic mlist at dakic.com
Thu Oct 20 14:37:37 CDT 2005

 >The powerpoints are large and have animation and sound. Anyone know of 
a good software to do this for me?

Hi Jess,

I did what you are trying in the past and ... well I didn't respond 
because I thought you will get a ton of good advice, from what you have 
been getting, no wander you are reposting.
There is ppt2flash software, they are very good and fairly cheap, around 
$50 you can find I think. If this is what you do often, see which one is 
best and use that one because it will produce most impressive results.
In the past however I used to strip some of the effects to get my 
presentation to load faster, so you might get away without flash, 
although I think this is instance where flash is really good option. 
Also tweaking export options can help as well.

And here is a link to review of available software :

Zeljko Dakic

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