[thelist] xml in javascript ie does show it

Robert Vreeland vreeland at studioframework.com
Fri Oct 21 10:29:12 CDT 2005

When using JavaScript in IE to produce tables and table elements you may
need to use the specific functions for table elements as defined in the W3C
DOM1 specs. It has been my experience that IE suffers major memory leaks
when manipulating tables via the standard DOM, at least in 5+ but I'm not
sure about 6+. To see how MS wants you to do it use the link below.
Additionally, while using createElement does work when adding a few rows or
cells, the memory leaks can crash the browser if adding significant number
of elements to the table.

Hope this helps.
By the way, has anyone experienced this problem in IE 6?

Robert Vreeland

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At the page

I've changed my js code and it works in mozilla, but not in ie 6.x.

There should be only a little missing statement to let it work in ie too,
cause the code is running through without errors. It's only not to be seen
on ie.
I want to insert something in another frame.
The code is in a php page and changes the table of another php page.

part of ctrlframe.php:
print '<script type="text/javascript" language="javascript">'; print 'var x
= window.parent.frame1.document;'; //print 'alert(1);'; print 'var
tbl=x.getElementById("z1");'; print 'var y = x.createElement("TR");'; print
'tbl.appendChild(y);'; //print 'alert(2);'; print 'var y =
x.createElement("TD");'; print 'tbl.lastChild.appendChild(y);'; print
print 'var y=x.createElement("IMG");';
print 'tbl.lastChild.lastChild.appendChild(y);';
//print 'alert(3);';
print '</script>';

The other page looks like that:
<body bgcolor="white">
<table id="z1" name="z1"

After two hours searching I might say, simple things are not explained
Thank you for some hints.



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