[thelist] quirks mode question

Tom Dell'Aringa pixelmech at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 21 11:31:49 CDT 2005

Working on an internal project that runs on an old Epicentric portal installation. The pages have
no DTD, so in IE6 the pages load in quirks mode.

I've got a vertical UL styled using the tantek hack, like so:

#svmp_vert ul a {
/*other rules*/
width: 156px;
voice-family: "\"}\""; 
width: 140px; }

Among other rules of course. When I test the page in Mozzy, IE5-6 on it's own, it's all good. When
I upload it to the portal however, the page breaks. It looks as if I didn't use any box hack at
all, and all the widths are off (as in toos short). It's as if it sees the hack and applies the
shorter width, but it really ought to be applying the first width. 

Anyone have an idea what might be going on? Can't show a page since it's internal, but the test
page is at:





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