[thelist] Font-Size-Adjust was [OT: Font Recommendation?]

pandy pandion at gmx.net
Sat Oct 22 16:04:49 CDT 2005

Gunlaug Sørtun wrote:
>I know Moz/FF do 'something',

Well, you sure have lost me now...

>but actual support looks more like this...
>...at the moment.

Where it says there is no support at all.

>More on the subject...

Also read the earlier discussion linked to in that post. IIRC the consensus 
was that the aspect value for Verdana given in the spec is wrong and the 
ratio Moz uses is actually correct. Porter Glendinning measured the font 
and proved, at least to my satisfaction,  that is the case. I don't 
understand why Phillipe says " no browsers support this *at all*". Maybe I 
miss some esoteric point here, but IMO Moz does support font-size-adjust 
and does it well. If I'm wrong, please explain it to me, slowly, because I 
simply don't get how this does not work.

Be that as it may, even using the "wrong" value one gets a better result 
than if not using it at all. I don't know if exactness is so important here.


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