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Sat Oct 22 20:20:31 CDT 2005

Rehi, Sorry when I was not expliced.

My page2 is reloading each second.
The prob is to recall a function after page2 is reloaded.

page2 sets some elements into page1

		print 'var y = x.createElement("TR");';
		print 'var el = x.createElement("TD");';

		print 'el.onclick=function(){do something;};';

		print 'y.appendChild(el);';	
		print 'tbl.appendChild(y);';

This runs well in Mozilla, IE stopped doing the function after one click. 
Even if nothing happens in page2.
That's a fact.

Further on mouseover and mouseout events have been very instabil in IE 6.x
that I've let them out.
Next fact is Mozilla is much more tolerant in different codes.
Like IE needs the TR element to display the tablerows.
Mozilla not. Then Mozilla always works
if I use setAttribute("onlick","function myfunction(do something)"),
el.onclick=function(){do somthing}; 
or want to set style elements as attributes. 
It's always okay and so called user friendly.

How can I call a function, which is coded in page1 ?	
print 'el.onclick=function myfunction();'; is not working.


> From: gruppenfreizeit
> IE suffers in inserting functions or stylesheets, in
> nodes.  An added function, even when it's name is
> changed , can be called only once.
> print 'row.ondblclick= function 
> (){this.style.backgroundColor="red";};';
> One click in the whole row collection and all the other
> rows are done.

Either I'm not understanding what you're saying or you've got your facts
mixed up.


This example works perfectly.

> When it was easy to create simple hmtl and js pages
> with IE and Mozzi was broken cause of each smallest js
> mistake, now the situation changed to the contraire.
> IE 6.x sucks.

Let's just stick to the facts and keep the opinions out of the issue.


 [>] Jeff Howden
     jeff at jeffhowden.com


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