[thelist] Font-Size-Adjust was [OT: Font Recommendation?]

Gunlaug Sørtun gunlaugs at c2i.net
Sat Oct 22 20:23:00 CDT 2005

pandy wrote:
> ... Maybe I miss some esoteric point here, but IMO Moz does support 
> font-size-adjust and does it well. If I'm wrong, please explain it to
>  me, slowly, because I simply don't get how this does not work.

No, I don't think you are missing anything, rather that I (and others)
haven't got our "facts" right.
...and some internal tests I made myself a while ago, clearly show that
Moz/FF is doing 'something' with that property. Being unable to perform
in-depth tests, I asked around, and got either no answers or negative ones.

This property is (to me) one of the most difficult ones to test 'real
world performance' on. So I left it with the answers I got, and now it
may seem like I'm spreading false information.

> Be that as it may, even using the "wrong" value one gets a better 
> result than if not using it at all. I don't know if exactness is so 
> important here.

Anything is better than the spread we have now, so 'exactness' isn't a
major issue - to me at least.

I really appreciate being corrected here, and would like to know where I
can find more correct information about support and usage, so I (and
others) can put this property to good use.


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