[thelist] JS memory leak detection?

aardvark evolt at roselli.org
Sat Oct 22 20:56:36 CDT 2005

so, i play with JS a lot, and i have a pretty good feel for writing 
scripts, but i'm not so good with tracking down memory leaks...

specifically, i am trying to determine how much, if any, the JS in 
the suckerfish menus and the modified menus leak...

i've read these two articles, and am having a little trouble 
determining if and how they can be applied:


essentially, i am looking for some JS genius-level feedback on the 
modified code i am using here and what i can do to optimize it:

and i know we gots JS geniuses (genium?) on this list...

and if there's stuff i can do, perhaps i can make it into an 
article... perhaps...

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