[thelist] Hypercell doesnt validate

Eduardo hut at hockeymail.com
Mon Nov 7 11:43:36 CST 2005

>Excuse my ignorance, but what does hypercell mean? I've been
>developing web applications for years and heard about the term for the
>first time.
Thats the term I saw when I first look into it, at phpBB support
forums,  maybe it's not the commom use... I really don't know.

Hypercell = cells using javascript to change background color

>as per the solution.
>i. either google "unbtrusive javascript"
>ii. or first change your markup accordingly.
><td width="15%" align="center" valign="middle" class="hMenu1"
>and then google "unobstrusive javascript".
>I am assuming that you use a transitional doctype here (if you are
>unsure what doctype you are using, there are plenty of resources out
>there on how to choose an apropriate doctype)
That worked perfect, thanks a lot Volkan and Robert.


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