[thelist] Closing PDF pop-up windows

Ryan Rushton web at ryanrushton.com
Mon Nov 7 19:41:25 CST 2005

> On Mon, 2005-11-07 at 19:34 +0000, Ryan Rushton wrote:
>> I use javascript to open a new window that contains a PDF help file.  I
want to be able to include a link in the parent window that closes this
popup window.  My script works just fine when the popup is an HTML
file, but when I open a PDF in the popup it no longer closes.
> [...]
>> Does anyone know how to get the window to close?
> What's wrong with the "X" in the upper right corner (or wherever the
user's window manager of choice puts it)?
> --
> Shawn K. Quinn <skquinn at speakeasy.net>

Well I simplified the problem in my example to avoid confusion.  In
implementation the "close" link in my example code will actually be a link
that closes the existing help window and opens a new with the same name
containing a different help file.
(Background: originally I tried to simply replace the content in the help
window with the new content, but this was not respecting different
nameddest within the same PDF, so I decided to opt for closing the window
and opening it fresh with the new nameddest)


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