[thelist] Paypal IPN and PHP

Mark Groen evolt at markgroen.com
Mon Nov 7 20:10:03 CST 2005

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Subject: [thelist] Paypal IPN and PHP

> Dear List,
> can anybody recommend a good tutorial for integrating Paypal IPN in a
> PHP-based website (apart from paypals own manuals) ? Most of the stuff
> found with search engines seems to be outdated.

Yup, and even an area where you can test to see if it works on the PP
servers. I haven't found an easy way to describe how to get there except
for this convoluted trail:

Log in to your Paypal account, left hand menu click on "Community Page",
then scroll down to the bottom of that one and click on "Developers"
which takes you to the place you want - there are tutorials, SDK's and a
whole lot more. Again in the left menu, click on "How-To Articles" and
the last one is "An Introduction to PayPal and IPN for Developers"



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