[thelist] Paypal IPN and PHP

Mark Groen evolt at markgroen.com
Mon Nov 7 23:38:52 CST 2005

> > ........(apart from paypals own manuals) ?

I missed that, sorry.

Is there something a bit more specific that isn't working for you that
maybe someone has the answer to? Basically all you do is use the code
they supply, then make use of php sessions to pass the variables along
from page to page until the cart is done, replacing their bits with your
$phpstuff. It's important to have the return pages configured properly
etc. too, and their test area lets you try it out before going live.

imho, you're probably better off using the paypal forum and resources as
it will be the most up to date for the actual code to use, even if it is
a pita to get around their web site.



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