[thelist] The best shopping cart?

Ron Dorman rwd at csi1st.net
Tue Nov 8 01:28:36 CST 2005

Gog Ogo wrote:

>I'm looking for an easy to use, secure, stable, shopping cart.
>I prefer open source, free, LAMP-based code, and I would pay for support, if 
>My hosting folk offer these titles:
>Agora Shopping Cart
>OS Commerce
>Zen Cart
>Any thoughts on these or other solutions?
Agora is a basic feature set, no frills cart. Works well with little 
modification for simple carts and no more than a few hundred items.

Haven't worked with CubeCart

Bypassed OS Commerce

Have two sites based on ZenCart (a branch, rewrite, combination, 
whatever of OSC; newer and better than IMHO). Site One, the whole site 
is ZenCart delivered (minor CMS features) and the other is ZenCart 
embedded into the site (otherwise totally custom, CSS layout). Many 
bells and whistles via modules and config options. Templated with 
modifications/overides system to assist in retaining custom mods during 

May want to add Drupal with e-comm module to you list of consideration. 
Even though your current host doesn't offer it, they can probably 
support it if they are LAMP based. If not, I can point you to a host 
that does support it, and modifies it if you need.

I you were to post your requirements, the members here could better 
answer a solution to your needs.

Ron D.

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