[thelist] DOM + IE elements creation problem

Christian Heilmann codepo8 at gmail.com
Tue Nov 8 06:01:49 CST 2005

> Hi Matt
> I've tried to use hyphens instead of ";" but it didn't help.
> Also I'm using the ";" character in several more place as identifiers, and
> none caused any trouble yet.
> Do you have any others ideas? I'm out in the dark here :\

I am not sure you can use the style as an array

aCSS[i].indexOf(":"))] = aCSS[i].substr(aCSS[i].indexOf(":") + 1);

isn't there a "." missing somewhere?

all of this would be a lot easier if you'd detangle your code a bit,
and use more variables. Or give us a URL to check it at.

It'd also help if MSIE had error messages that do make any sense. Did
you try to put alerts in and see exactly after which line it fails?

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