[thelist] 301 Redirect or...

Pringle, Ron RPringle at aurora-il.org
Tue Nov 8 09:01:46 CST 2005

Paul Wrote:

> If you put 301s in, I believe the major search engines 
> (certainly Google
> does this) will automatically update their indexes to point at the new
> content. So you might want to do that for a while, then remove them
> after a few months once everything has been pushed through, 
> although I'd
> recommend just leaving them in permanently.
> Paul

I think I may go ahead and 301 the main pages, or rather the ones that are
showing up highest ranked as errors in the log, and the index page.

I'll definitely do a custom 404 page as well. I was considering that anyhow.

As for Shaun's advice, that'd be great if I lived in PerfectWorldLand.
However, since I inherited this site from another person who didn't do a
very good job in developing or structuring the site in the first place, file
renaming and directory re-ordering were necessary. And since I work for
municipal government, I'm sure the politics will demand that things be
changed again in the future, according to the prevailing political climate.

Tim Berners-Lee forgot to factor in Ego. ;)


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