[thelist] Multilingual Sites: Best approach?

Neal Watkins neal at constructweb.com
Tue Nov 8 11:23:53 CST 2005

great input thanks

How about asian languages? font issues? any experiences there - ?
The "romance languages" can dispaly well, i would assume we just need some
special characters - but do we just leave it to the user to have the correct
font if they are expecting a site in say - "chinese"


Quoting Fred D Yocum <fdy at mcc.org>:

> As a designer that works for a North American charity with offices in at
> least thirty countries I would echo this comment. Translation is an
> expensive and time consuming business, but if you have ever chortled over
> a translation into your own language you know why it is important to get
> it as right as you can. Spanish translation, particularly in the North
> America where the Hispanic community is made up of people from many
> different Latin Amreican/Caribbean countries is complex. There is no
> dominant "Received" or "Standard" way of speaking or writing,
>> Finally, look for a translation company that has relationships with
>> in-country translators who are familiar with the industry for which
>> you are looking for translations... just knowing both languages isn't
>> enough... i can't speak accountant, so i wouldn't try to translate
>> from Spanish into it...
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