[thelist] php session variable needs to persist

Garth Hagerman hagerman at mcn.org
Tue Nov 8 20:44:42 CST 2005

This is probably real simple, but I'm new to sessions and all of my 
Google queries lead nowhere.
One of my clients want to know what site originally  referred the 
people who actually buy their dvd.  I've got a  system using sessions 
which tracks the original referrerr as the visitor moves around the 
site just fine, but when they leave the site to go to Paypal and then 
come back to the "thanks for your order" page, the sessions data has 
been lost.  Is there a simple way to get the session data to persist? 
Or, do I need to write the referrer to a database and then query the db 
from the thanks page?

     thanks in advance

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