[thelist] php session variable needs to persist

Robert Vreeland vreeland at studioframework.com
Tue Nov 8 22:23:06 CST 2005

Paul Wrote

I guess all you'd need then is the popup to close and redirect the parent. I
know .Jeff has figured out how to get JavaScript to talk from parent to
child, not sure if there are any JavaScript issues with talking from child
to parent...?


You can use window.top to get a bead on the parent window, or window.opener
(note :window.opener may be IE specific). Additionally, you can setTimer to
close the pop up directly with a window.close() call.

Matt wrote
This is actually not the case. The issue with sessions is the timeout of
20ish minutes (or when the browser window is closed).

This is partially true, the session will expire after whatever number of
minutes the server is configured to do so (in IIS on windows the max is 20
minutes) from the last Uri request (page, image etc..); but I assumed Paul
understood this. My apologies for not being clearer. In any event, if you
need to keep the session going for more then the allotted amount of
inactivity (requests to the server) then you can use an iframe absolutely
positioned of the viewable page to the left or top with a blank page that
has a meta refresh of about 1/2 the maximum session time out. I know some
people may scream about that, but I think Paul is looking for a way to keep
session variables alive without having to get into working with a database.


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