[thelist] Getting all IP's

Scott Wolpow evolt at netalytical.com
Wed Nov 9 08:26:56 CST 2005

Exactly, I am holding the auctions. I only want to grant eBay' 
servers the right to grab a picture off my server. I just want to 
prevent someone from grabbing all the graphics off my server. If they 
want to do it one at a time, fine.
Here is the scenario.
I sell on eBay. On my selling page I have my graphic. That graphic 
lives on my server. When eBay creates the page it requests the image. 
Hence using .htaccess I can prevent mass downloads.
Unless i am confused here.
Scott Wolpow
At 04:37 AM 11/9/2005, you wrote:
> > Ken Schaefer says:
> > Why would eBay's servers be making requests for your images?
>Perhaps when the creator of an auction item adds a picture, they can type
>the URL of an image, instead of uploading one from their machine, eBay would
>then be making the request.  Not sure.
> > > Scott Wolpow says:
> > > I need to get all the IP's from eBay's servers that request
> > graphics.
>I can't help you with that, good luck.
> > > The purpose is to stop theft of my images.
> > > Any ideas?
>I don't think you've thought this through.  If a user can see your images
>when browsing your website, they can "steal" them.  For example, what's
>stopping them from saving the pictures from your website and uploading them
>to eBay that way?  Suppose you found a fool-proof way of preventing the
>"Save Picture As...", do you think you could stop a screen capture?
>You could always sue for breach of copyright, but you might need to
>demonstrate you're out of pocket if you're also after damages.
>Can't you mark your images, and treat it as a rather fortunate marketing
>- LK
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