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Mark Groen evolt at markgroen.com
Wed Nov 9 08:29:27 CST 2005

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> thanks for replying. i've been swamped lately and haven't had a chance
> "play" since i moved.
> i did what you suggested and the file still cannot be found.

Didn't follow the original post, found WP's docs to be more than enough
for myself.

> to reiterate, this is on a local windows machine for web development
> xammp as the host program for wordpress. wordpress is a drag and drop
> process from the desk top to the htdoc folder *after* the wp-config
file is
> created. but i think i did a boneheaded procedure when i opened the
> config file.

Here's my local structure, WP is in a directory called 'blogx' that
mirrors the live server after the xammp bit:

the rest of the files are in their original config inside the blogx

> all php files are set to always open with notepad. i think i'm going
to have
> to reload windows to wipe the setting, unless there is another way to
do it
> without wiping the entire drive.

ouch! don't do that! You just need to change the file associations. I'm
avoiding the whole NT-XP experience and still using win98, so here's the
XP version:

> sigh, this is almost more trouble than it's worth, but i want to make
> idea work, so i must press on. any suggestions, including reloading
> would be appreciated.

Sounds like you are getting the classic case of frustration looking for
that missing single darn character that's making your application bork,
always helps for me to drop it and look another day from scratch rather
than wiping everything out.



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