[thelist] backordering, domain transfer and other issues.

Robert Vreeland vreeland at studioframework.com
Thu Nov 10 08:36:33 CST 2005

 I assume but just to clarify, have you checked whois to determine who is
listed as the domain owner the site to see who is listed as the owner?

I'm not entirely positive, but if your client submits a dispute over the
ownership of the domain it may prevent the site from being grabbed by
someone else or renewed by the old developer until the dispute is resolved;
additionally, I think the current DNS record will stay in effect until the
dispute is resolved. This is assuming your client is able to prove they paid
for the domain registration, or at the very least they own the web site -
pay the hosting fees and engaged the developer to create the site.

I'm sure someone will point out if I'm way off base.

Robert Vreeland

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