[thelist] backordering, domain transfer and other issues.

VOLKAN ÖZÇELİK volkan.ozcelik at gmail.com
Thu Nov 10 09:32:06 CST 2005

>  I assume but just to clarify, have you checked whois to determine who is
> listed as the domain owner the site to see who is listed as the owner?

Yes I did. It belongs to some individual (perhaps a freelance
developer), an e-mail and a phone is provided.

But I don't want to contact him unless absolutely necessary. This will
make the deal hotter. May be has has alredy forgotten about it and me
asking to drop his domain registration will pop a light bulb over his
hand and offer me a high-price for it etc.

> This is assuming your client is able to prove they paid
> for the domain registration, or at the very least they own the web site -
> pay the hosting fees and engaged the developer to create the site.

I think he can prove he has paid for it. He is a legal entity, has
accounting records, bills etc. But acting dispute legally will make
things harder.

As you may have deduced from the situation he does not even have a
user/pass for the dns record he (or the developer) has purchased. He
is -sorta- ignorant on the issue (though he is very competent in his
business, the internet is relatively new for him ).

I am not a legal man, but the domain name belongs to the one who has
paid for it (i.e. the developer) - he has the power to renew it, drop
it, re-sell it etc. - unless there is an issue on trademark, copyright
infringement or other rights.

Worse of all, the law related to cyberspace is not very well-formed here.

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