[thelist] backordering, domain transfer and other issues.

April april at farstrider.org
Thu Nov 10 09:49:12 CST 2005

You can renew domains you don't have account access to at everywhere 
I've tried it.  If all you're doing is giving them money, they don't 
care who it is.  If you're okay with the server that the domain is 
currently pointed at, this can buy you some extra time to contact the 
old developer.

If the site owner is listed on the whois, not the developer, then 
usually the site owner will be able to do something like fax in a copy 
of his driver's license and a utility bill to regain control of the account.

If the old developer is listed on the whois, that information should 
work for contacting him.  If it doesn't, that can really help your case 
if you need to dispute it.

If you let a domain expire with the intent of getting a backorder on it, 
you're relying on some luck to be sure you do end up with that domain in 
a timely manner.  All might work out well, but the domain might end up 
on hold somewhere for 2 or 3 months or bought by someone else.  If the 
domain is a decent one, someone else might already have it on instant 
backorder.  You probably would lose mail for more than a day.

> Hi everyone,
> May be you remember my previous post on "how to work freelance on a
> global scale". Thank for all your support and motivation.
> And here I am holding first freelance agreement (Well not a big step
> for the human kind, but a big big step for me. ... no I've not
> resigned my full-time job yet :) )
> However I'm a bit novice in these kinda stuff, and I don't want to
> p*ss off my very first attempt.
> Here is the situation:
> My client had made his site (say ABC.com) design by someone else whom
> he cannot contact anymore. His domain will expire in less than a
> month.
> 1. He says that he can stand if his site is down a few weeks but
> he does not want to stop his e-mail correspondence (info at ABC.com,
> sales at ABC.com etc) for more than a day (or two at most)
> 2. (corollary to 1) He never forever wants to change his domain name
> or worse lose it.
> Therefore two options come to my mind:
> 1. find the current owner of the domain name and request him cancel
> his registration.
> 2. issue an "instant backorder" from some registrar service and hope
> that the owner does not extend his registration period.
> Anything else that I can do?
> Thank you very much in advance.
> --
> Volkan Ozcelik
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> +> My projects/studies/trials/errors : http://www.sarmal.com/

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