[thelist] best registrar?

Anthony Ettinger apwebdesign at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 10 17:00:48 CST 2005

I've used godaddy.com, smallbiz.yahoo.com, and

Yahoo offer's $3 initial domain, the others are under
$10 ongoing.

I don't like godaddy's spammyness, but they do have a
good interface aside from the ads. Also, I can put bs
in a contact field instead o f my rel addy. I think
it's total bs that they want me to pay $10 extra to
"privitize' my info.

Yahoo forces me to use my real name.

Mydomain.com, nothin' special. Not as good an
interface as godaddy.com

Anybody have any other suggestions?

I have about 20 domains, and it's getting expensive.

Anthony Ettinger
ph: (408) 656-2473
web: http://www.apwebdesign.com

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