[thelist] backordering, domain transfer and other issues.

M. Seyon evoltlist at delime.com
Fri Nov 11 00:39:41 CST 2005

Message from =?ISO-8859-9?Q?VOLKAN_=D6Z=C7EL=DDK?= (11/11/2005 08:16 AM)

> > > I'm curious. Did the developer and the site owner part on bad
> > > terms?
>Yes but this time it was, imho, the developer's fault.

Hi Volkan,

I'm not saying that it wasn't the developer's fault, and in this case you 
do seem to be correct. However when freelancing it's important to consider 
these things.

>I've contacted the client tonight and asked him that he should sort
>things out with the developer, otherwise I'd do my best to re-take the
>domain but underlined the fact that we cannot be 100% sure.

This sounds like a good idea. Keep in mind that goodwill is all well and 
good, but the time you may have spent analysing legal and technical issues 
and ramifications, and attempting to reclaim the domain, should be billable 

Your client is not in a position to know these things himself, partly 
through his own choice. That's why he has engaged your services, and you 
should be paid for this. Payment isn't only due for writing lines of code.

>I also offered instead of say abc.com we can take something
>like theAbc.com

unrelatedly, it's generally considered good practice, when referring to 
example domains, to say example.com as this domain has actually be reserved 
for exactly that purpose.


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