[thelist] The best shopping cart?

Tone Doggy Dogg tonedoggydogg at hotmail.com
Thu Nov 10 16:23:00 CST 2005

As an owner of a hosting company and a web developer myselfl, I'd say the 
best free, Open Source option would be Zen-Cart followed by OS Commerce.  
Zen Cart is built using OS Commerce, but appears to be slightly more 
supported.  But OS Commerce has a lot more templates available.

Our hosting accounts come equipped with both OS Commerce and Zen Cart within 
(pretty much) 1-click installs.

In terms of payment solutions, both support Pay Pal and other 3rd party 
solutions, and they also support the most popular options.  I'd recommend 
using AuthorizeNet, since we can get your friend sete up w/ a merchant 
account w/ NO monthly fee.  :)

Visit ecommerce.toneee.com for more information on e-commerce and other 
merchant services.


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