[thelist] Weird ASP.NET problem - Link Posted

Robert Vreeland vreeland at studioframework.com
Fri Nov 11 09:19:00 CST 2005


>> Does your form tag have the attribute
>>         runat="server"

>The form has a runat server. else there won't be any __VIEWSTATE.
>runat attribute will not be visible on the response output. it is a
server-side tag.

>Volkan Ozcelik

Right you are, sorry about that, my mind was swimming in molasses yesterday.
In any event, I ran the error through MS Visual Studio debugger and it is
choking on theForm.submit(). From the viewable code, it looks like your
trying to submit the form if they check the checkbox for use the same
address; personally, I would not want to auto-submit on that incase the User
made a mistake or wants to change their mind. Instead, let the User submit
normally and decide how to handle the mailing address server side based on
whether or not they checked the box.


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