[thelist] Email header injection

Kasimir K evolt at kasimir-k.fi
Fri Nov 11 09:38:30 CST 2005

> Message from Kasimir K (11/11/2005 02:26 PM)
>> bcc: onemoreaddress at hotpop.com

M. Seyon scribeva in 2005-11-11 14:40:
> I'll be keeping an eye on this thread as I got a bunch of these last night 
> with this same bcc address.

The same person is using also battsl1005 at aol.com, as last night I got 
attempts with both addresses at the same minute from the same IP-address 
(anonymous proxies allways of course).

Which makes me wonder: does the exploit script listen for any response? 
If so, would sending large amounts of garbage as a respons have any 
effect? And what are the resons not send garbage :-)


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