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Because in a [periodical] publication there are several different "flavours" of copyright, including layout, typography etc as well
as literary content.

Most of these operate on calendar years, so run from year of first creation, eg layout, so we end up having a range of relevant
years........up to and including the year of the latest content
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: --- "Kowalkowski, Lee (ASPIRE)" wrote:
: > Eh?  What's the point in giving your copyright a date range?  Copyright
: > should have a single date, the date of first publication.
: You know how it is - we do what legal tells us to do.
: > Dunno where you are, so:
: > http://www.copyright.gov/title17/92chap3.html (US Law)
: I'm in the U.S., I've forwarded this to a legal contact for their review.
: > What's the purpose of expressing a date range when copyright's duration is
: > relative to the date you die?  Or the date of creation or first publication
: > for "works made for hire", whatever that means.
: I'm hardly a lawyer nor do I understand any of this - my main concern is the code. I hope it's
: true we don't need a range, then we can leave the originating date hard coded and remove the
: script altogether - removing a maintenance issue.
: Tom

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