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michael ensor edc at wnc.quik.co.nz
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: On 11/11/05, michael ensor  wrote:
: >
: > Because in a [periodical] publication there are several different "flavours" of copyright, including layout, typography etc as
: > as literary content.
: >
: > Most of these operate on calendar years, so run from year of first creation, eg layout, so we end up having a range of relevant
: > years........up to and including the year of the latest content
: Which implies a real change of content, and not a constant change - or
: displaying the date of the visitors' computers.
: Therefore a logical (c) should only be changed at deployment and not
: all the time.

Correct, unless the content might be third party but then the author should request a specific copyright flag..........

and  even if using javascript, one can still just display the relevant year(s), and of course the headers can have more exact
information if applicable.

simple example: "date web site went live - fixed"  - " script [this_year] "....

I use a SSI with env variable, so that there is only one file to maintain, similarly the header reflects the content creation

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