[thelist] photoshop: rounding corners on a rectangular image

Erika Meyer ekm at seastorm.com
Sun Nov 13 21:15:48 CST 2005

yay!   thanks, Chris, I managed to figure it out.  & those links are 
fantastic and will keep me busy for hours building shiny flaming 

for anyone else who's wondering, it's kinda like this (I'm using 
Adobe Photoshop CS on OSX).

1. you have to make sure the shape is a path (which is setting you 
need to select on the shape tool.  It off to the left in the shape 
selection bar; it looks like a little pen in a box & is called 

2. with "paths" and your shape of choice selected, draw your shape on 
the layer you want to modify.

3. "control click" on the path (windows) or "control shift click" 
(mac).  this should give you a menu of options.

4. select "make selection"  then "new slection" This turns your path 
into marching ants. (hurrah!)

5. select -> inverse... and chop out everything around your shape.  & voila!
cookie cutter shapes!  & just in time for the holidays.

thanks again.



Chris Dorer wrote:

>The first link will direct you to the right place for doing rounded edges.
>These both will provide a plethora of tricks and tips on using photoshop
>for great effects.

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