[thelist] DOM + IE elements creation problem

Kowalkowski, Lee (ASPIRE) lee.kowalkowski at hmrcaspire.com
Mon Nov 14 04:01:48 CST 2005

> Misha Genkin wants to know:
> Is there a way to run the script debugger without an error 
> bieng triggered?

Sure, which MS Script Debugger are you using?

I use the MS Dev Env 6.0 (InterDev?) one, not sure how it got on my machine,
think it came with Office.

Press CTRL+SHIFT+R to get a list of processes, attach to Internet Explorer.

Press CTRL+ALT+R to get a list of running documents, double-click on the
document that contains your script, and click in the margin of the line
which you want to set a breakpoint.  Then go to Internet Explorer and do
something to trigger the breakpoint, e.g. click a button, refresh the page.

I think the other MS Debugger (the basic one) automatically attaches to
Internet Explorer, the keyboard shortcuts may be different, so you'll have
to find everything in the menus.

You can also add a breakpoint by editing your JavaScript and placing the
statement "debugger;" on a line.  Although from what I can see, it's little
different from adding a statement which will throw an exception, e.g.

- LK

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