[thelist] Other ways to check for null

Matt Warden mwarden at gmail.com
Mon Nov 14 12:34:45 CST 2005

On 11/14/05, Mark Rees <mrees at itsagoodprice.com> wrote:
> > if not isnull(rs("num_bedrooms")) or trim(rs("num_bedrooms")) <> "" then
> >            response.write("<b>Bedrooms:</b> " & rs("num_bedrooms") &
> > "<br><br>"
> > end if
> >
> The logic is wrong here.
> You're basically saying (pseudocode):
>  if rs("num_bedrooms") is not null  or "" then...
> It can't be both those things, so it's always going to evaluate as true i.e.
> if it's null, then it's not ""

Just to clarify what Mark is saying:

if not isnull(rs("num_bedrooms")) or trim(rs("num_bedrooms")) <> "" then

is logically equivalent to:

if not (isnull(rs("num_bedrooms")) and trim(rs("num_bedrooms")) = "") then


if (not A or not B) then <==> if not (A and B) then

in this case it makes no sense because A and B cannot be true at the
same time. So, you're essentially saying:

if (not false) then <==> if (true) then

It should be clear now why it is always evaluating as true.

Nice catch, Mark.

Matt Warden
Miami University
Oxford, OH, USA

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