[thelist] abbreviations (was Re: Your favourite site backup utility?)

Judah McAuley judah at wiredotter.com
Mon Nov 14 15:24:25 CST 2005

Ok, its time to take this one offlist. We don't need to be arguing over 
the finest details of semantics (GNU/Linux vs Linux) and we certainly 
don't need to be rude to fellow list members.

Remember why we are here folks: to help each other. Providing some 
possible answers (as some posters did) while asking for clarification 
(what OS on the PC?) is helpful. Arguing about Linux vs. GNU/Linux 
(especially since we just had this debate), telling people to shut up 
and demanding public apologies is not helpful.

Lets keep it civil and the signal to noise ratio high.

<tip type="linux web development">
	For those folks doing web development on Linux should check out Quanta 
Plus. The neatest feature I've seen is tab completion of variable names 
in PHP. As you define variables, it keeps track of them internally and 
any time you start typing something with a dollar sign, it gives you a 
dropdown list of the variables you've defined so far in the doc. Pretty 
nifty and quite the times saver.

It also has a good project management module, so I can make changes 
locally, then have it upload to both my svn server and to the production 
server via the fish protocol (essentially scp).

Shawn K. Quinn wrote:
> On Mon, 2005-11-14 at 16:30 -0400, M. Seyon wrote:
>> Message from Shawn K. Quinn (11/14/2005 01:46 PM)
>     [Kasmir K wrote:]
>>>> It is fine and good to be precise. But it's even finer to forgive
>>>> inaccurate names for operating systems and concentrate on the real
>>>> question at hand.
>>> Forgiving is one thing; not having enough information to answer the
>>> question is another.
>> Then shut up and don't answer it.
> No. I'm going to respond to the original question and let that person
> know they didn't give enough information or the wrong information (as
> appropriate).
> You have no business telling me to shut up, and even suggesting you do
> is downright rude. I expect an immediate and complete apology.

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