[thelist] abbreviations (was Re: Your favourite sitebackup ut ility?)

Pringle, Ron RPringle at aurora-il.org
Mon Nov 14 15:25:07 CST 2005

> No. I'm going to respond to the original question and let that person
> know they didn't give enough information or the wrong information (as
> appropriate).
> You have no business telling me to shut up, and even suggesting you do
> is downright rude. I expect an immediate and complete apology.
> -- 
> Shawn K. Quinn <skquinn at speakeasy.net>

<tip type="etiquette>

Beware of the list troll. He/she may come in various incarnations. The term
"troll" can mean a number of different things, but in essence, a troll is a
person who aims to have 'pleasure' at your expense. There are two main types
of trolls, but the type in operation here is:

   1. people who have the psychological need to feel good by making others
feel bad.

This is a sort of "psycho troll", whose deception involves deceiving
themselves as well as others. Such people may use their real names on the
internet, and they may not even realise that they are "trolling" because it
is all subconscious.

How to deal with a troll

1. ignore postings that you suspect may be from trolls.
2. if you must respond to a troll posting, don't get involved in the
argument; limit it to pointing out that the posting may be considered as
trollish, for the benefit of other list members.



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