[thelist] Layout problem

marcus m-lists at bristav.se
Tue Nov 15 00:55:59 CST 2005

I need to make a *application* layout like the following:

Logo    |  Tabstrip
  Tree |    Main content area
Potentially a footer

It's still HTML/CSS though (otherwise I wouldn't post here would I?) and 
using javascript is no problem.

Logo/Tabstrip should have fixed height and fill the screen horizontally. 
Never a scrollbar in sight. Logo can vary in width and tabstrip follows.

Tree should have a fixed width, fill the height that is left over and 
possibly be scrollable if needed.

Main content should fill the rest and be scrollable if needed.

There should never be a vertical scrollbar covering both "row1" and 
"row2" and, in the same manor, should never be a horizontal scrollbar 
covering both tree and main content area.

Preferably a non table layout if possible but I'm open minded.

Anyone has any suggestions or pointers to existing layouts I could take 
a peak at? I've made a couple of tries but there always seems to be 
something coming out in the wrong direction.


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