[thelist] Employee database tool

Christian Heilmann codepo8 at gmail.com
Wed Nov 16 09:38:22 CST 2005

> > Is there a good open source Database tool out there?
> > The idea is the following:
> > We have the employee name and up to five categories/sections he or she
> > belongs to.
> > Both should be searchable
> > Right now, I thought of using wordpress and categories, but this seems
> > a bit overweight for this task.
> ????????? Operating System, language preference??
> Sounds more like you need to hire one of us on the list to build a
> little db application for you, don't think you are going to find
> something that specific in the wild, but hey, you never know eh ;-)

Win / PHP. I could do the work myself, however, I don't really believe
in re-inventing the wheel :-)

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