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I can speak very highly of Authorize.net.  My company offers several
different shopping cart solutions, and Authorize.net is our gateway of
choice.  It is also the gateway we use for our own merchant processing.

While I am not inclined to discuss the various shopping carts, as a
gateway I do highly recommend Authorize.net.


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Background Info:
I have a new client who previously had a Web site where he sold
photographs online.  In my brief discussion with him, he told me that he
used to use Authorized.net for his transaction, and that he wanted to
continue to use it on the new site I build for him.  I have never used
Authroized.net, nor have I ever set up a shopping cart site before.  I
pretty sure I can figure it out, or call my hosting company for tech
support to get it set up.

The cart itself is fairly simple.  A link below each photo to add a
to the cart for a set price, buy two photos and receive a lower price. 
Such as, buy one photo for $25; buy two for $45, etc.

Anyone have experience setting up a shopping cart through
I saw the SPAM mail here last week, by the way.  Because I have not set
a cart before, I have a few questions:

My host - Network 11 (very good by the way IMO) - offers the following
carts through CPanel's "Fantastico" area:
1. CubeCart
2. OS Commerce
3. Zen Cart
[?] Will Authorized.net work with/function through one of the carts
[?] Any reason I should talk this guy out of using Authorized.net, and
[?] I like the PayPal service, but the client is against it - probably
he has not seen how it has been update in the past year - any reason
to/not to use PayPal?

Again, I have never built/set up a shopping cart before, so any
help/advice would be greatly appreciated.  I am in the process of
searching [theList]'s archives and I see there is an exhausting amount
ecommerce discussions.  If someone can help me with some info that you
found useful, that'd be great.

Thanks a ton!


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