[thelist] Authorized.net & Shopping Carts

Max Schwanekamp lists at neptunewebworks.com
Wed Nov 16 12:23:16 CST 2005

Shane Miller wrote:
> I can speak very highly of Authorize.net.  My company offers several
> different shopping cart solutions, and Authorize.net is our gateway of
> choice.  It is also the gateway we use for our own merchant processing.

+1.  AuthorizeNet is mature, reasonably-priced and offers a plethora of 
security and customization options.  Just about all e-commerce apps 
worth their salt will have an AuthNet module/plugin; alternatively 
constructing your own is not at all difficult.  I and many clients have 
been using AuthNet for years and are completely satisfied.  For any 
US-based business, they're my first choice for payment processing.

Max Schwanekamp

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