[thelist] Browser detection

Kasimir K evolt at kasimir-k.fi
Wed Nov 16 16:50:30 CST 2005

VOLKAN ÖZÇELI.K scribeva in 2005-11-16 21:13:
>> And really happy I would be, if somebody comes up with a way to make
>> Opera ignore its history and just do the bloody request :-)
> me too :) (for similar projects)

Oh, one thing, FWIW:

When I was analysing this with Fiddler[0] everything was working 
allright. Only when I used Ethereal[1] I found out the missing requests. 
The difference probably is that Fiddler acts as a proxy.


[0] http://www.fiddlertool.com/fiddler/
[1] http://www.ethereal.com/

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