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Dave Stevens itsallaboutashlee at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Nov 17 10:47:43 CST 2005

--- Mike <designbase10 at shaw.ca> wrote:
> phpBB http://www.phpbb.com/ looks like a
> good solution. Any other obvious recommendations?

I thoroughly recommend SMF (Simple Machines Forum)

I run a reasonably high traffic, popular message board
(50,000+ posts, 2000+ members) and have always used
SMF's predecessor, YaBB, then SMF as it evolved.
Nothing but good words for it, it's very stable and in
over 2 years I've not had a problem at all, which has
included changing servers twice due to host issues and
not having any trouble resurrecting the board on the
new host.

For comparison's sake, the official forum of the band
I run the unofficial board of chose to use PHPBB2 and
has started to see a relatively high number of spam
bots signing up and posting advertising messages,
despite only being live for a matter of a few months.


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