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Stuart Young syoung at unitec.ac.nz
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My wiki recommendation, read this before you start:

A wiki is a good part of a knowledge management solution, but getting a new wiki adopted in an organization can be difficult. How do you get a wiki adopted?
Getting a Wiki Adopted is Tough
People who love wiki find it hard to believe that people wouldn't immediately accept a wiki and start using it. It's not always that easy.
To get a wiki adopted in any organization can be tough because... 


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>>> designbase10 at shaw.ca 17/11/2005 19:54:06 >>>

I would like to set up a php wiki and need some recommendations. I am 
considering Mediawiki however it appears to be difficult to install 
based on some comments I have read. However, I also read that if php and 
mySQL are installed properly there shouldn't be any problems with 
installing Mediawiki. I hope that is the case. I am a beginner with php 
and I am hoping that it will be not too difficult to install. Perhaps I 
should consider a wiki that is known to be easier to install. Any 
suggestions? - or should I give Mediawiki a try first?

php preferred
server: Unix
database: mySQL

These are the wikis I have looked at:

Mediawiki - http://wikipedia.sf.net/ 
PhpWiki - http://phpwiki.sourceforge.net/phpwiki/ 
Tikiwiki - http://tikiwiki.org/ 
TaviWiki - http://tavi.sourceforge.net/ 
JSPWiki - http://www.jspwiki.org 
Usemod - http://www.usemod.com/cgi-bin/wiki.pl 
( I think Usemod is perl-based but I am not sure)

Could anyone suggest any other recommended wikis? Which wiki is often 
recommended? If Mediawiki is one of the best solutions I would like to 
give it a try first. Just thought I would ask here first for any advice.

I would also like to have a forum on my site and I noticed that the wiki 
called "tikiwiki" has a built in forum in it. That might be useful to me 
- or is it best to have a separate system for a forum (such as phpBB) 
for maximum features and flexibility?

Thank you



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