[thelist] Usable Entertainment sites

Stuart Young syoung at unitec.ac.nz
Thu Nov 17 16:35:23 CST 2005

>>> Does anyone know of any sites that are good examples of usable
>>> entertainment sites, utilising video on the home page?

>> er, http;//www.mtv.com/ ?
>> I like the Hot 5 tab-based navigation.

> Surely you jest?


The OP didn't mention accessibility or code validation or browser compatibility, they mentioned usability. 

I happen to think that the site does a user interface for a rich media entertainment site really well, especially the tab based navigation in the Hot 5 block. Of course the code could be better and of course it is not very accessible, but you could recreate the user interface in XHMTL/CSS with less Flash and more ALT text. I'm not a JS expert but similarly if there are any cross-platform issues with the JS they could be solved.

Congratulations, the kneejerk response has successfully scared off anyone else from making a suggestion.

BTW, It works perfectly fine in my Firefox 1.07 on XP, maybe the reported Firefox problems were with 1.5 or a different OS?


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