[thelist] Relative vs. Absolute pathing question (possibly IIS related)

Tom Dell'Aringa pixelmech at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 17 17:15:13 CST 2005

Hi folks,

We're working with an outside agency who is developing in .Net. We are implementing part of their
code on WebLogic (JSPs) due to a story too long to tell. For their images (and other paths as
well) they are using:


Which works fine in their environment. However, when WebLogic needs to grab an image, the ../ is
not relative. We have to call /images/ instead. So, I asked them to change all the references
since the images dir resides in the root anyway. 

Their developer comes back and tells me it doesn't work for him. Since when is /images/ not mean
the root in IIS or .Net? Furthermore, isn't using relative paths far less scaleable? If I decide
to move pages around with the relative path I'm in trouble. If I'm always pointing to the root
where the images dir always is, I have no problem.

Is there something I am missing here? I am at home at cannot test our local version of what they
delivered, but it seems like he's nuts or I've missed something. When I changed their relative
paths for the stylesheet and JS files, it all worked just fine.



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