[thelist] online poll

Mike designbase10 at shaw.ca
Thu Nov 17 17:20:57 CST 2005

Thanks again Max,

I think I would prefer to try Drupal/CivicSpace. It seems to be more 
standards compliant (no table based layouts) and seems to be more CSS 
friendly. I only need to have a demo for Dec 6 and I can fine tune the 
installation after that date. I prefer PHP based solution and 
Drupal/CivicSpace also offers this. It seems like a good way to invest 
my time because I will be able to take what I have learned and apply it 
to other sites I am running. Knowing Drupal/CivicSpace would have good 
long term benfits as well. Drupal/CivicSpace seems to have a good user 
base and lots of support too.

Mambo may be easier but I think I will be brave and explore 
Drupal/CivicSpace first. I hope I am not being too unrealistic. I am a 
little nervous about this decision however I will give it a try :)


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