[thelist] Drupal Civicspace CMS. Newsletter feature?

Ron Dorman rwd at csi1st.net
Thu Nov 17 20:50:18 CST 2005

Mike wrote:

>I have a question for someone familiar with Drupal and/or Civicspace CMS 
>[1] [2].
>Does Drupal Civicspace CMS have a system to allow users to subscribe to 
>I was comparing CMS systems at http://www.cmsmatrix.org/ and I noticed 
>that many CMS systems have a system for mailing out newsletters however 
>Drupal did not. (I was comparing Drupal to Mambo and Typo3.)
>I am looking for a newsletter system that has the ability to allow users 
>to add/delete themselves to/from a list so that they can be sent email 
>from the system on various topics
>I read that Civicspace will be at version 1.0 in Spring 2006 and by then 
>it appears they will have Customer Relationship Management tools added. 
>Will I have to wait until spring 2006 to add a newsletter subscription 
>system if this is the component necessary or are there current solutions 
>using Drupal components I could use today? Is this what CIVICRM is?
>One other question: Where does one download Civicspace and all its 
>default and optional components from?
>Thank you,
>[1] http://www.drupal.org
>[2] http://www.civicspacelabs.com
Drupal has modules that provide mass mail. You will find them on the 
drupal.org site, modules.
simplenew - i have it working on 4 sites, pretty basic but does well.
mass mailer - an engine for other mailer packages, primarily phplist, 
last time i tried it about 5 months ago, still had issues

Civicspace is based on drupal and the folks there have contributed 
several of the modules available. downloadable from the civicspacelabs 
site;  http://civicspacelabs.org/home/developers/download

Ron D.

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