[thelist] wiki recommendation

Jeremy Weiss jweiss at cox-internet.com
Fri Nov 18 01:25:10 CST 2005


I'm responding a bit late to the discussion but I wanted to share my $.02
worth. I've got two sites[1] up and running on drupal and have build several
test/play sites with it over the last year and a half. Judging from what you
said in a previous email I think you will be well pleased with Drupal but I
urge you to spend some time planning it out and learning what all drupal

As for installing it and having it running by your deadline, I've gotten
where I can setup a basic test install within an hour. It's not hard to
install. But you can spend a lot of time customizing it due to the shear
number of features, options, and addon modules available.

One module that you may want to check out is the organic groups module[2].
I've never really used it, but it allows you to assign members into groups
and thus allow them to only see certain articles or certain forums.

[1] http://www.mortgageknowledgebase.com & http://www.arkansaslawman.com
[2] http://drupal.org/project/og


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